Kinetic Fine Art


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This dictionary is mostly concerned with all the major art movements including kinetic art, and the artist connected with these movements.

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This is a selection of essays written by various kinetic artist, which were taken from the journal Leonardo and edited by Frank Malina.

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The author describes an overview of advances in the main technological art sectors, starting with the Industrial Age.  He also describes the implications and consequences of technological art.

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The author traces movement in the visual arts back to 1860, starting with the impressionist.  He then labels 1920 as the birth of kinetic art, and categorizes the major art movements dealing with this art form.

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The author explains visual illusion, perceptions, moiré patterns, optical art, mirror, lenses and prisms.  He also explains kinetic objects with a mechanical means as the main source of movement, with step-by-step illustrated demonstrations, and directions on how to make light boxes, kinetic lamps, etc.

Vallejo, Tomas Critique: Ulrich Niemeyer: An artist in transformation, 1998

This is a critique, for “Introduction to Art” a course at NNMCC, of Ulrich Niemeyer and his art work as a constructivist.