Kinetic Fine Art

The moving moiré patterns are an integral part of the visual experience. It is presently used in the aesthetic effect of the visual experience. It is my belief that there is more here, in the moiré pattern, than meets the eye. The use of the moiré pattern has been used in scientific experiments for over a hundred years. Lord Raleigh was the first to use moiré, over a hundred years ago, in order to check the accuracy of diffraction gratings (Roukes 21). But even more recently, it has been shown that by using graphite crystals and x-rays, a diffraction pattern of line interference can be formed from any object. It has been shown that even DNA has a diffraction pattern of line interference, or what I would call a moiré pattern. Where is this concept of line interference being used today? The lines of magnetism interfering with each other create electricity as one magnetic field is moved through another magnetic field. Also, two separate lights of laser beams interfering with each other, and recorded onto a plate, create a hologram. The two separate lines of magnetic frequencies of capacitance and inductance can create resonance. Resonance is essential in transmitting and receiving radio and television waves.

Kinetic painting is a potential tool for visualizing the unknown world of line interference of magnetic frequencies. It is my theory that these magnetic frequencies of line interference create a moiré pattern that is the fabric of our existence. Art as a whole has gone through a long period of self-destruction. This destruction was necessary for everyone to discover the artist in each and every one of us. It is now time to reconstruct art and discover the core fabric of life, line interference.