MOTION in Kinetic Art

There are three major types of motion that can be assimilated into kinetic art, to name some examples:

  1. Actual Motion: using motors, wind powered, or computer generated animations and lasers
  2. Spectator Motion: a combination of actual motion and virtual motion using reflective properties such as jewelry, glass, or metals and multi-layered screen, and
  3. Virtual Motion: using patterns for implied motion; such as patterned swirls, overlapping colors, patterns and symbols for story telling, and articulated motion; such as hinges on sculptures, or the use of color for optical motion.

    As well, Kandinsky's notion of soul vibrations created within the viewer by the artist playing the keyboard of form and color is arguably another form of virtual motion. According to Kandinsky, each artist working in their specific medium uses the principle of inner necessity to tramsmit their spiritual reality to the viewer causing vibrations of the soul.



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